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CITY UTILITIES (Ordinance #2014-1169L)
Connection for new service (Residential or Commercial)$20.00
Residential Water Deposit$100.00
Residential Sewer Deposit$100.00
Residential Garbage Deposit (if this is the only service; otherwise included with water and/or sewer deposit$75.00
Commercial Water Deposit$150.00
Commercial Sewer Deposit$150.00
Commercial Garbage Deposit3 x type of service
(Example: a 2-yard dumpster with once a week pick-up = $50 per month; deposit would be 3x$50=$150.00)
Larger dumpsters and/or more frequent pick-ups are larger deposits
Any previous City water, sewer, or garbage customers whose previous account was in arrears more than 90 days after account closing shall pay a deposit of double the amounts listed above.

Those customers having a current deposit and excellent payment record with the City shall be allowed to transfer the existing deposit to a new service address with no increase in deposit provided all previous accounts at all previous service addresses are paid in full at the time of transfer of deposit. (Ordinance 2005-1017L)

When service is disconnected for non-payment, the following charges apply to restore service:

Full payment of the outstanding charges PLUS
Reconnect fee during regular business hours of 8am to 3pm Monday through Friday$20.00
Reconnect fee after 3:30pm on weekdays, or any time on holidays or weekends$50.00
Reconnect fee for Garbage (if this is the only service)$10.00

SERVICE TAPS (Ordinance #2014-1169L)
Water Tap for new service$200.00 minimum or actual cost, whichever is greater
Sewer Tap for new service$300.00 minimum or actual cost, whichever is greater

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